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You are invited to share your story with the Through the Open Doors Blog!

The St. Andrew – Through the Open Doors Blog is written by parishioners for parishioners of St. Andrew, the Apostle Church with the purpose of meeting ministerial needs, educating parishioners about the work of the parish and thereby increasing involvement in the various ministries. The blog provides an opportunity for parishioners to share how their faith works in their lives and where they see God in their lives as a result of their ministry and activities within the ministry. The writers should develop a relationship by sharing their personal story. Parishioners will use not only words, but following the guidelines, may also use videos and pictures to illustrate the work of their ministry building a stronger, more knowledgeable community of believers.

Instructions for Writing a Blog Post

Posts should be no longer than 350 words and if more is submitted, the post will be edited to 350 words. Each post should consist of 5 parts:

  1. Your personal story about your experience in your ministry. (no more than 350 words)
  2. An invitation (A sentence or two) to others who may be thinking about the possibility of becoming more involved in a ministry.
  3. A short prayer (2 sentences) written to inspire a reader to become more active and/or a scripture passage that supports your post.
  4. A brief description of yourself (a couple of sentences); Employment information, family information, number of years as a parishioner and how long in the ministry.
  5. A picture of you. A photo is fine, it will be cropped and appear as a tiny picture by your description.

Submissions will be reviewed for grammar, content and theological accuracy by a core team of 3-4 people. Edits may be suggested and if you do not agree with the suggested edits, your post will be terminated. Once your post has been approved, you will be notified in advance of when your blog post will be scheduled to appear on the website.

Please email to your submissions to