The St. Andrew masthead, Our Doors Open Wide at the Thought of Your Coming is used on our bulletin, Facebook page, parish website and other communications. This is such a welcoming statement which is what our church is about.

We are now adding a new communication tool, Though the Open Doors, a new parish blog developed to keep parishioners up to date on not only parish activities and events but also on parishioners at St. Andrew and their involvement in various ministries. We will be sharing upcoming events, liturgical services, parishioner pictures, family projects, event videos and parishioner stories of how God has touched their lives through their participation in ministries at St. Andrew and the community at large. There will be other surprises coming also.

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus calls to Peter on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Peter just drops his net and follows Jesus without question.  People wonder how could he do that? Did he know he would have to preach, build a church, travel across many countries, educate others, lead a group of other believers, and give his life for Christ? Probably not! But, he followed Jesus with great vigor upon hearing the call.

Christ calls each of us to “come and follow me” and that means not only attending Sunday Mass, receiving the sacraments, and participating in the St. Andrew community weekly. He wants us to develop a personal relationship with Him. Through the Open Doors will let you know how others, in our parish like Peter, have answered Jesus’ call. Hopefully, this will help you understand your call and provide you with some possibilities for how you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps, welcome and we hope you enjoy this new tool.

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