What It Means to Be an Altar Server – Jesse Hardin

Jesse HardinMy name is Jesse Hardin and I am a junior at Archbishop Moeller High School. I became Catholic in the first grade by choice and it was the greatest decision in my life. In the fourth grade I decided to become an Altar Server. It isn’t a requirement, but for me it was a choice that I love. It is a choice to serve the Lord. I feel more connected to the Lord while serving than any other time. I feel like I am directly helping the Lord while on the Altar. Servers are right there by the priest when the bread and wine are changed to the body and blood and I feel the power of the Lord working as I watch.

When you are serving at Mass or at a special liturgical service, you see things from a different viewpoint than the rest of the congregation. I was serving at the Easter Vigil and all the lights are turned off during the beginning of this service. The Deacon began to slowly raise the Bible at the Gospel. I was behind him with the thurible (a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services) and the other server was gradually turning the lights to full power. The lights are gaining in power and the Deacon is slowly raising the Book. The choir starts singing softly and then louder as the lights came up, I felt the power of the Lord working. This moved me enough that I smiled and I was filled with the Spirit.

I also am moved when I am using the thurible. I serve at many funerals and when we are sending the body from the church, the priest incenses the casket. Some priests put the incense right above the head of the casket. This is touching because you can almost see the soul rising to heaven. I love the experience of being a server, as I said, I feel so much closer to God when I do it. I am so glad I became a server. I love Sundays when I get to serve the Lord.



4 thoughts on “What It Means to Be an Altar Server – Jesse Hardin

  1. Sheila Woodard says:

    Beautiful Jesse. I also feel extremely moved when serving at Mass on Saturday evening or at funerals as a lector or Eucharistic Minister. Keep your belief and don’t change being the person you are.


  2. Bonnie White says:

    Jesse your vision of serving the Lord as a server on the alter brought me to tears. I loved and was so proud of my sons when they were servers at St Andrew. Brian towered over some of the others he served with when he was at Moeller but it never seemed to bother him. My kids have been swayed away from the church and it breaks my heart. I have faith that God will bring them back. I am impressed with the strength of your moral and religious character and your ability to share your feelings that you have shared with us today.I love living in Hilton Head but the thing I miss the most is attending St. Andrew church. We have had a relationship with St A since 1967 when we did our pre Cana for our marriage preparation. This past June we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.
    Thanks again for your beautiful insight into the love of serving Our Lord. Say Hi to mom and dad for us!


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