I Thirst

img_0026Water is vitally important to us in our daily lives.  We need it to bathe, give water to our lawns, our pets and to our plants.  Our clothes are made clean using water.  The human body is 60% water.

Whenever I make an appointment to meet with my doctor, he always tells me to be sure to drink plenty of water in order to remain healthy.  The MAYO Clinic advises us to drink 9-13 cups of water every day to help keep hydrated.

Jesus, the Christ, as He was about to die on the cross said, “I thirst!” He wanted water.  The barbaric form of execution by crucifixion resulted in bleeding and dehydration.  I always think that had I been at the foot of His cross, I would have done whatever I could, then and there, to  relieve his thirst and bring him comfort with a drink of water.

When I worked as a hospice nurse frequently I was at the bedside of someone who was actively dying.  The person had no desire or need for food at that point in his life but often would ask for water.  They would take tiny sips of water through a straw or from a teaspoon and found relief.  It could be seen on the person’s face that water had given them some form of comfort.

In the Old Testament in the book of Psalms, David the writer of Psalm 63 tells us his soul it thirsting for God! It is said David wrote this psalm while in the barren desert of Judah, lands parched, lifeless and without water. His source of life, he knew from lived experience, was his God.

My soul is thirsting for my God also.  Not just because of Lent.  I feel today that I too am in a desert.  A desert of crime, murders, racism, misleading TV discourse, angry news reports, uncertainties in our country, my church, the world and my friendships. I thirst also, my sweet Jesus.

I thirst.

Help me to come to You and the Father, not just in this Lenten season but every day of my life.  Let me seek Your fountain of loving waters to refresh my soul, my spirit, myself, now and at the hour of my death.

Marcy Schutte

Marcy Schutte