Woman, This is Your Son . . . This is Your Mother

When Jesus therefore had seen His Mother and the disciple standing whom He loved, He said to His Mother: Woman, behold thy son. After that, He said to the disciple: Behold thy Mother. John 19: 26-27

 There she stood, His Mother, at the foot of the Cross, gazing at her Son.  She stood, not falling, not filled with self-pity.  She was strong for Him, and comforted Him as only a Mother can in those final hours.  The agony they shared was as indescribable as the love they had for each other.  Beside Mary was John, the disciple whom He loved.  John too was gazing at Jesus.  As Jesus hung from the Cross, John’s love for Jesus was so great and intense, that he could not have loved Jesus any more than he did at that moment.

Then, Jesus looked at Mary, and turned her gaze from Himself to John and said, “Behold thy son.”

Likewise, Jesus looked at John and turned John’s gaze from Himself to Mary and said, “Behold thy Mother.”  It was His final gift from the Cross, his most valuable possession – His Mother.  He was entrusting her to His Beloved Disciple, to His Mystical Body, that she might raise her spiritual children as she had raised Him.

As John took her into his home, he received the tender love, compassion and instruction of the Blessed Mother.  She formed him into “another Christ” and John’s love for Jesus grew even greater.  The same can be true for each of us.  For these words of Jesus from the Cross are not only about Mary and John, but about Mary and each one of us. When we take Mary into our “home” and allow her to be our spiritual Mother, she will help us to imitate Christ and love Him far more than we could without her help.

This Lent, allow yourself to receive Christ’s gift of His Mother as He speaks the third word from the Cross. Go to her often, in all your needs, and allow her to “mother” you as she did her own Son.  She will lead you to experience a love for Jesus that is so great and profound, it will change your life forever.

                                                                                                    JoAnne Lacey     JoAnne Lacey