Anticipation of the Birth of Jesus

We always begin the Advent season with a tradition that is very special to our family. Our Advent season does not begin until we have put up our Nativity Scene which has been passed down through the generations of the Hoffman Family. You see, we are blessed to own a family heirloom that has been in our family for 83 years. My grandmother made it with her dad when she was only 10 years old.


The stable is made from the cottonwood tree that was in their front yard. The mat for the bottom of the stable was sewn together on a pedal sewing machine by her mother. The original light that shines down on the empty manger was a tail light from their family car. The original figurines still have their price of $.26 stamped on the bottom of their feet. All original! My grandmother inherited the nativity scene when her mother died in 1979. Our family has enjoyed the tradition since 2006 when it was passed down to us.

And of course, we all anticipate Christmas morning when Baby Jesus is placed in the manger.

The Caton Family wishes everyone a very blessed Christmas