The Family Tree

Growing up I never had the pleasure of having a real, live Christmas tree. The first year we were married, Jon and I went and picked out a real one. We have been getting a live tree every year and plan to cut down one this year at a farm!

I know that a Christmas tree can mean so many things to different people but for jenn-soellner-christmas-treeme it symbolizes one thing: family. Just as the ancient Tree of Jesse bore a new Adam, our family tree bridges the old with the new. The fresh, aromatic, evergreen tree that we pick out every year is adorned with the past – heirloom ornaments and treasures made by little hands. Your Christmas memories come back to life to blend with new ones. The bittersweet pang of remembering long ago holidays with departed loved ones intermingle with the anticipation and hopes for the Christmas seasons to come. Have a blessed Christmas with your family creating beautiful memories and enjoying remembrances of Christmas past.

Ever changing, ever timeless. Evergreen.

Jennifer Soellner is a Cantor in the St. Andrew Choir and the wife of Jon Soellner, St. Andrew Businessjen-soellner Manager.