Third Sunday of Advent – We Believe!

I remember as a child the night before Christmas. I was filled with incredible excitement and anticipation that Santa would be there the next morning. It was a wonderful feeling that I do not believe I have felt since but it is ever present in my memory. I also remember the weeks before I was especially good as I wanted to be on Santa’s good list. Advent is a time of joyful anticipation waiting, preparing, and praying for the coming of Jesus. Today, Guadete Sunday, we rejoice as our wait is almost over. Yes, our wait for the birth of Jesus is near the end. We should be filled with this same excitement and anticipation that I am sure many experienced on the Christmas Eves of our youth. The excitement is for our God who comes as an innocent and vulnerable baby child who becomes human, like all of us, and brings us into the divine with God, our Father. No event in the history of our world compares or has had such impact. WOW!

We see in today’s reading this anticipation of the messiah, Jesus Christ.  In Matthew’s gospel we must sift through some of the detail to see the anticipation and expectations for our loving God. While the Christmas birth of Jesus is not yet here in our calendar we jump ahead to hear what to expect with the birth of this God-child. John the Baptist sends his disciples to talk with Jesus to find out who he really is. I suspect that John already knew being there for the baptism of Jesus. Perhaps his actions are to introduce his disciples, and us today, to Jesus so that they and we could see firsthand the wonders of him, believe and follow. When they ask Jesus, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” Jesus replies in no uncertain terms. He tells them not to listen to his words but look to his actions. These are the actions the prophets spoke of in the Old Testament about the messiah to come and as we know so well today, actions speak louder than words. This I can only assume sent a feeling of joy through John’s disciples making them believers and followers of the Son of God.

two-children-walkingNow that we have this glimpse into the future are we prepared for Jesus’ coming?   Are we on the good list? If not, there is still time as we wait and pray in joyous anticipation.   All we have to do is accept and then like Jesus use our actions and not just our words to show we believe. Rejoice all you Disciples of Christ!


Jesus hold me, Jesus coddle me, Jesus guide me, Jesus guard me, Jesus help me, Jesus keep me, Jesus love me.

Wishing all of you a Blessed and Holy Christmas!  Mike and Pam

Mike Hazard