Master, It Is Good That We Are Here. Lk 9:33

A year ago, my family was visiting Orlando. Saturday night we were checking out our Mass Times app (which by the way is an awesome app to have) to see which Church would be the closest to our hotel. Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine was just around the corner from where we stayed.

We got to Mass Sunday morning and I heard their choir sing. It was most beautiful music! I was so inspired by them that I didn’t want the music to end.   While at Mass there, an idea was born – why couldn’t we have a 4 part singing at Mass too? Later, that’s how Saint Andrew Quartet was born.

Then another idea was born – why couldn’t we go to the Shrine and sing at Mass some day? And we did just that last January. We sang at Mass and experienced God at the Shrine in a very unique way. None of us wanted to leave the Shrine. The hymn “Tis’ Good Lord To Be Here” was in my head. We were like the disciples who didn’t want to leave the Jesus’ Transfiguration site.

Our friendship with the Shrine continues. We will be able to catch a little glimpse of the Shrine this November when their Music Director will perform an Organ Concert and play at the Silent Movie at our beautiful Saint Andrew Church.  The free organ concert is at 3 PM and the $15 tickets for the Silent Movie are available at the church office.

I hope and pray that after the celebration you will have the hymn “Tis Good, Lord, to be Here” rung in your hearts as well.fullsizerender

Dovile Krempasky is the Music Director at St. Andrew Church. She and her husband Jim, have 2 sons, Andrew and Matthew.