We, Though Are Many

My wife and I truly appreciated the opportunity to be with the St. Andrew Music Ministry as we participated in the Mass on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando Florida.

The morning started on a good note by attending the 9:00am Mass. The celebrant of the Mass had a very ‘enthusiastic’ approach to the Mass and his homily. The music sung by the Basilica’s choir, under the direction of William Picher, DMA, AAGO, added to the overall experience of the celebration of the Mass. The St. Andrew Music Ministry was able to work with Dr. Picher that afternoon and then sing at the 6:00pm Mass that evening. This was really the highlight of the weekend.

Being one with God in the celebration of the Mass, whether at St. Andrew Church in Milford or the Basilica in Orlando is a joy unto itself, but the majesty, art, and grandeur of the Basilica certainly added to the overall experience of joining with God, the St. Andrew Music Ministry, and the congregation in the celebration. The Basilica itself is a facility anyone visiting the Orlando area should take the time to tour and stop in to attend Mass while on vacation. This National Shrine of Mary is a facility that all should experience, if given the opportunity.  We look forward to our next visit to Orlando and being able to go back to the Basilica again.

Because the loaf of bread is one, we, though many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf. 1 Cor. 10:17

Keith Janning is a member of the St. Andrew Choir and his wife, Sharon  participates on the Worship Commission.   keith-janning


Master, It Is Good That We Are Here. Lk 9:33

A year ago, my family was visiting Orlando. Saturday night we were checking out our Mass Times app (which by the way is an awesome app to have) to see which Church would be the closest to our hotel. Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine was just around the corner from where we stayed.

We got to Mass Sunday morning and I heard their choir sing. It was most beautiful music! I was so inspired by them that I didn’t want the music to end.   While at Mass there, an idea was born – why couldn’t we have a 4 part singing at Mass too? Later, that’s how Saint Andrew Quartet was born.

Then another idea was born – why couldn’t we go to the Shrine and sing at Mass some day? And we did just that last January. We sang at Mass and experienced God at the Shrine in a very unique way. None of us wanted to leave the Shrine. The hymn “Tis’ Good Lord To Be Here” was in my head. We were like the disciples who didn’t want to leave the Jesus’ Transfiguration site.

Our friendship with the Shrine continues. We will be able to catch a little glimpse of the Shrine this November when their Music Director will perform an Organ Concert and play at the Silent Movie at our beautiful Saint Andrew Church.  The free organ concert is at 3 PM and the $15 tickets for the Silent Movie are available at the church office.

I hope and pray that after the celebration you will have the hymn “Tis Good, Lord, to be Here” rung in your hearts as well.fullsizerender

Dovile Krempasky is the Music Director at St. Andrew Church. She and her husband Jim, have 2 sons, Andrew and Matthew.

SPOTLIGHT on Parishioner – Jane Kneipp

When did your active participation with the parish begin?

Early on, I started teaching CCD (today known as PREP). It was a wonderful way to share my faith. For me, teaching was a faith journey in itself. I had no special degree, but after all “God doesn’t always call the qualified; he qualifies the called.”

In what ministries have you served?

The greatest ministry has been to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I was totally overjoyed to be asked.  Over the years, I have served on various committees. Presently, I am a member of the Bereavement Committee. I enjoy working with families to choose meaningful scriptures for funerals. It can be a difficult task at times, but I always pray before I call the family. It’s such a blessing when you receive a note of thanks. You know your ministry is making a difference.

How has the parish helped with your own spiritual growth?

My spiritual growth is not limited to the parish. For several summers, I attended the Bible Institute at Xavier University. It was always a thrill to meet people who were excited about sharing their faith. In addition, the True Devotion to Mary sessions at St. Gertrude have helped me grow in my love of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.  The people of St. Andrew, however, have been so supportive in my spiritual growth. I cannot do it alone. We are the Body of Christ!  We are fortunate to have time for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the parish monthly. I need that quiet time with God.  St Andrew has so many good people doing God’s work in many activities, we are truly blessed.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

My family is very important to me. I enjoy family celebrations so much! Flower arranging and working with clay are a couple of my more creative interests.  Growing in my faith and sharing it with others is the central focus of my life. I like to live by the words of the following scripture:

You have been told, O man, what is good, and what the Lord requires of you: Only to do the right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:8

Jane and Charlie  have been married for 53 years, and have 4 adult children and 3 granimg_1376dchildren.  They have been members of St Andrew Parish for 49 years. In addition to the Bereavement Ministry,  Jane is involved with the Rosary Makers at St. Andrews and each Monday she works with the seniors at SEM Haven helping them to make rosaries. They make about 20 rosaries a week which are sent to the missions. 



Whoever Believes and Is Baptized Will Be Saved. Mk 16:16

At Mass one Sunday a while ago, our congregation was blessed to witness an infant Baptism. The family; a father, a young daughter and a mother holding her infant, approached the baptismal font with very intent looks on their faces. Clearly this family understood the importance of this moment. It was the beginning of their son’s life in Christ not just a ceremony to enjoy with the new baby.

As the priest prayed asking the parents questions, the mother nodded her head in agreement with regard to her responsibilities to her son. She listened so intently that it was almost as if she was holding onto every word to savor later. Their small daughter stood with the family fascinated and curious as she watched everything happening. The father never took his eyes off of his wife and then I noticed tears were welling up in his eyes. His love, as he gazed upon his family, was evident to the congregation. The mother was at the center of all of this, making sure to lead her new child off on his Christian mission in the proper way.

As we  approach the season of Advent, I thought about this day once again. I usually think of Mary and Joseph terrified about raising the Son of God rather than as a young family looking forward to this responsibility.  Witnessing this baptism with this particular holy family made me think of The Holy Family in a very different light.  It is difficult to imagine the love shared between The Holy Family and God on the night of Jesus birth. The night when heaven came to earth.

I felt honored to witness this baptism.  I was glad to welcome a new member of our congregation and to experience the love present within this family. I am not sure I have ever felt so fully engaged in a liturgy before. Seeing this family made me so thankful to God for his life on earth and the salvation he brings to us. For me, it was a moment of grace, a moment when I was so in union with the community and with God that I couldn’t help but see all things in a different light; making is easier to understand what really happens Through the Open Doors.         

Father, as we approach this Advent season, let us celebrate each member of our family with the love of you shared with us when you sent your Son.  May we prepare our families for this blessed day with faith and relish in the hope that you desire for each of us during this blessed seaoct-3013son. 

Cathy O’Toole      

COMING SOON:  How is your family preparing for the birth of Christ?

This Is My Body, Which Will Be Given Up For You; Do This In Memory of Me. Lk. 22:20

Serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion has been part of my faith life for the past 13 years.  I started when I was a freshman at Archbishop Moeller High School, continued while I attended the University of Dayton, and now I enjoy serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at St. Andrew.  I participate in this ministry because I have the opportunity to share the sacrament of the Eucharist with the parishioners of St. Andrew.

I invite anyone in St. Andrew who is discerning the possibility of becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to join in this ministry.  It is a great way to become involved in the Church and experience the sacrament of the Eucharist.  If you are interested, feel free to email me at matt.geyman@gmail.com to learn more about this ministry and to sign up for our next training session.  The training sessions are very informative and cover everything that you need to know.

I would like to pray for the members of the church that form the body of Christ.  While Christ is the vine, we are the branches and all who live in him will bare great fruit.  I believe that everyone has a talent that can be used to spread the faith, so let it shine.

matt-geymanI grew up in this area and attended St. Columban Grade School.  I have been a parishioner at St. Andrew since my wife, Mandy Geyman, and I got married at St. Andrew in 2013.  I work as an engineer at GE. 

Here I am. You called me?

I was a practicing Catholic for the first seventeen years of my life and attended St. Andrew School with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters. As I got older, life became more complicated and I just drifted away from the church. Five years ago, God called me back and I went to the only church I knew, St. Andrew. I had so many thoughts, insecurities, and I was always afraid that I would not be welcome back to the church since I had been gone for so many years. Curiosity got the best of me and I did come back to see if I was making the right decision and guess what? “The doors opened wide at the thought of my coming!”

I started attending mass weekly and making new friends. I attended a Christ Renews His Parish Weekend and strengthened my relationship with Jesus and also made some lifelong friends. God called me not only to come back to church but to become church. The friends I made at Christ Renews involved me in the parish Hospitality Committee whose primary responsibility is serving meals for special events around the parish and welcoming new people. I loved that since I had been so welcomed myself. I’m involved the Ladies Sodality helping out around the church by assisting with cleaning the church on Fridays and watering the flowers so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful altar at St. Andrew. I also help with the annual rummage and plant sale the proceeds of which are used to beautify the church.

My husband John, who was not catholic, started attending mass with me weekly. He liked the Church so much that he went through the RCIA program and became Catholic two years ago. And now we are on the RCIA Team working with those people interested in joining the Church. He also attended a Christ Renews weekend and we work together to clean our beautiful church as a means of worship to the Lord. St. Andrew has become such an important part of our life that John and I renewed our vows in 2012 in the Catholic Church.

In the hymn, Here I Am Lord, God asks “Whom shall I send?” And the answer in the hymn is “Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me.”

God led me back to the Catholic Faith after a long absence. I decided I didn’t just want to come to church, but I wanted to be church to others. I wanted to volunteer my time to make this church a wonderful place to worship and to be a welcoming place for our community.

The Lord Called Samuel a third time. He said, “Here I am. You called me?” 1 Samuel 3:8

Is God calling you to come back to church and/or to volunteer your time and your talents for St. Andrew? The Hospitality Committee, Ladies Sodality, RCIA and many of the other ministries may be calling you to become church for others. Will you answer, “It is I, Lord?”

Phyllis Jean Strathmann has been a member of St. Andrew’s parish for the past five years. She is a member of the Ladies Sodality, the Hospitality Committee and the RCIA Team. Jean is married to her wonderful husband, John, and they have 3 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.



Prayer to Our Lady – Undoer of Knots

Adapted from Our Lady Undoer of Knots a book by Marge Fenelon

Dear Holy Mother,

  • Release me from all the knots of injustice that I have suffered or that I have inflicted upon others; allow me to forgive others and have others forgive me just as your loving Son provides forgiveness to us all.
  • Take from me the knot of separation that I sometimes sense in my heart or that I inflict on others; your Son showed courage in dealing with those who condemned and tortured him, grant me the courage to embrace all people as Jesus did.
  • Liberate me from the knots of confusion that have settled in my heart, or that I have imparted to others; provide me with understanding that I may see your Son’s path and to help others to do the same.
  • Untie my knots of hopelessness that I may lift up my heart to God and to lift others up also in the faith and knowledge that God will always take of us no matter our situation.
  • Unfasten my knot of grief and loss that separates me from the world and distances me from your Son; you understand better than anyone the pain of loss and grief. Help me to channel this pain or separation into a gift to the Lord.
  • Unravel the knot of discord in not only me but in all those around me at this time; all people need to find a path to reconciliation and to learn to live with our differences but be respectful of each other.
  • Free us from betrayal that results from our ignorance, pride, and desire for power over others; free us from our preconceived notions so that we can develop a true understanding of others and teach us to deal with them with respect.
  • Undo the knot of envy of others and pride in myself and in those who envy me; grant me an open heart permitting me to be thankful for my talents and to appreciate the talents in others as gifts from God to each of us.
  • Untangle the knot of affliction whether it be self-imposed, such as an addiction or something from birth, an illness, deformity, or even circumstances such as poverty; strengthen my love of God and my neighbor by affording me with opportunities to reach out and share with these people.

Take my knots, dear mother, to allow me and those that I live with to serve Jesus in peace. pope_franciss_prayer_to_our_lady_untier_of_knots

VIDEO: Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Music Video

The HOPE Project (Holy Land Outreach to Promoting Education) in cooperation with St. Andrew invites you to an evening with Marge Fenelon, author of the award-winning book, Our Lady, Undoer of Knots – A Living Novena and Guided Meditation from the Holy Land. 

Marge Fenelon is a Catholic author, blogger, speaker, and journalist whose writing has appeared in dozens of media outlets, including National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, and Catholic News Service/Faith Alive. She blogs regularly at National Catholic Register and is a columnist for the Milwaukee Catholic Herald. Fenelon is the author of several books on Marian devotion and Catholic family life, including Imitating Mary and her award-winning Our Lady, undoer of Knots – A Living Novena. She is a regular contributor on national Catholic radio programs and has appeared on Catholic television as well.

Please join us this Wednesday, October 5, 2016 from 7-9pm in the Parish Center across from the church for an evening discussion on the Holy Land and the knots that each of us encounters daily, as well as prayer and meditation.


**Video courtesy of Julie Carrick.**