What Will Separate Us From The Love Of Christ?

My marriage had ended. Bankruptcy took everything I had worked for and loved except my two children and an old car that barely ran. Now being newly divorced, I could not see where I belonged in the Catholic community. Trying to find answers and direction for my life, I decided to attend a seminar entitled “What’s New in the Catholic Church?” Across a crowded auditorium, the words fell like fire from the lips of the Franciscan priest, burning their way into my scrambled mind and fractured heart, “No one will ever love you like your Heavenly Father loves you. He loved you before He created you, He loves you now, and He will love you forever – no matter what you do.” Gazing at the crowd of 400 or 500, the priest looked directly across the sea of faces and said to me “I can see by your flushed face and the tears, you have never really heard that before. But you hear it now. And you can build your life on that.” So I did.

New doors opened for me. I became in involved in the formation of a divorce ministry through Catholic Social Services of Cincinnati. I found myself speaking to newly forming divorce support groups in Catholic parishes across the city. My Open Doors eventually led me full circle from the St Andrew Parish of my childhood back to the beloved St Andrew Parish of my “adult” years.

I was invited to assist in the development St. Andrew School Alumni records. Together, my dear friend Colleen Potter and I dove into Parish archives in the rectory basement and went from there to the Greater Milford Historical Society records at the Promont House to organize the history of our church. This information was later used for various Parish events such as the Sesquicentennial Year celebration, as well as the ordination of our very first Parish Deacon, Tim Schutte. One thing led to another and I found myself expanding the parish Prayer Chain through emails, organizing the parish library, and editing the Parish Newsletter.

There are many needs in our parish and more new opportunities being identified all the time. Think about your gifts and talents and look into walking ‘through the open doors.’

What will separate us from the love of Christ? Will anguish, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword? No, in all these things we conquer overwhelmingly through him who loved us. Rom 8:35, 37

Chris Nunner joined St. Andrew Parish and St. Andrew School in 1949 as the school began its second year of Catholic education in Milford, OH.   Retired in 2000 and returning to St. Andrew Parish about 15 years ago has led her to countless opportunities to be happily involved and sharing Christian life with many dear friends. Married for 32 years, she and her husband, George, enjoy their “golden years” with their two rescued labs, Sadie & Sparky, and their six adult children and spouses along with many delightful and talented grandchildren and great grandchildren. You will almost always find George with a welder, a chain saw or log splitter in his hands, and Chris creatively sharing her spare time with a computer.Chris Nunner