Getting to Know Fr. Cordier

(We recently asked Fr. Cordier to tell us a little about himself.  Here are his answers!)

Tell us about your family…

Fr.CordierMy father and mother were Gene and Laura Cordier, both now deceased. Dad was born in Colorado and mom was born in Ohio. They met in 1949 and married in 1950. After a few years of living in Columbus they moved with the two oldest children to Rossmoyne, Dad had taken a teaching job at Xavier University.  By 1962 four more children had arrived.

The neighborhood was full of children and our days and nights were filled with games and celebrations. It seemed like our house, which had the smallest yard, was where we spend much of our time. Whether playing kick the can or ghosts in the grave yard, or football, basketball, kickball or even baseball, it seemed like our yard was made for it. Because of this, we did not need a lawn mower. There was rarely ever any grass. We all grew up in the turbulent and crazy 60’s and 70’s, and went our ways, four have married, and one has been ordained.  Three live in town, three live out of town. Sadly, most of my nieces and nephews live out of town, but it seemed like many came home for the holidays, if just for a few days. If nothing else, it does make it easy to go on vacations and visit family.

What is a hobby of yours?

Sports were a part of my life for many years, especially softball, but now my shoulders and knees are telling me no more.  Another hobby was volunteering at the Cincinnati Nature Center. I started around 1984 and continued up to the time I entered the seminary in 1997. I loved learning more about nature, being outdoors, and teaching.  I loved following NASA, the Apollo missions to the moon, and once met Neil Armstrong. In the past, I could play the piano a little. My mom showed me some basic stuff, and I took some lessons, but now I rarely play. I once tried to play for my aunt and a few others when she was in a nursing home, but got so nervous I made too many mistakes and quit, and never tried again. And of course I really liked to read about theology and religion.  St. John Paul II was a great inspiration, but also some local priests.

What is your favorite place to travel?

It is hard to pick one place where I like to travel. I have been to 46 of the lower 48 states. I hope to make it 48 out of 48 soon. But for me, the favorite place to travel is to a beautiful church.  I like to sit in a church and be in the presence of the Lord.  In the past, my priest friend Fr. Jerry Hiland and I would take trips, and we would always visit the church in whatever city we were in, admire the beauty, and light a candle for our parents. My second choice would be a place you really don’t have to spend any time in travel. I love to walk outdoors, and look at a beautiful sky, especially at sunrise (not likely) or sunset (much more likely). Several psalms praise the God who made heaven and earth, the glory of the skies.

If you hadn’t been ordained a priest, what do you think you would do?

I worked as a computer programmer for 17 years. I was happy to leave that job/career and enter the seminary.

I also like fixing things. Growing up, dad taught us how to maintain and fix problems with our cars. As with everything else, they are much more complicated today.

 Welcome Fr. Cordier,

we are blessed to have you as our Pastor.