I Make All Things New !

My RCIA experience began 15 years ago with an invitation, unexpected and unsettling. I was asked to sponsor a young woman going through the process, and my heart sank as I wondered how I could walk with her on her faith journey when my own seemed at a standstill. My husband had been gone for about 5 years and my youngest child was away at college. I was feeling alone and disconnected, not knowing who I was, if not a wife and mother.

In the end, I agreed, and something amazing happened. While walking with another, I found my own relationship with Jesus growing.  By the end of that year, watching the joy-filled faces of the catechumens and candidates receive the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil, I had a new sense of purpose and belonging.

I am still part of the RCIA team, and continue to be inspired and taught by those seekers who want what we have, and so often take for granted. I have learned so much about Church teaching, developed a love of Sacred Scripture, and have received a hundred times more that I could ever give in return. Looking back, I can easily see that God was at work in my life, using my brokenness in ministry to another, and to remind me that my identity as a child of God is not dependent on my state of life.

So…consider this your invitation, unexpected and unsettling as it may seem.  Consider joining RCIA, or find another ministry at St. Andrew that may be calling to you. Something amazing will happen! “Behold, I make all things new”.  Rev 21:5

Dear Lord, with unexpected grace, You have made me new. Thank You for the gift and blessing of ministry and service for Your glory. Amen.

Monica Clark has been a member of St. Andrew parish since 1973, and considers it her home. She has been on the RCIA team for about 15 years, and also serves as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, as well as a Lector. She has 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and retired in 2015 from Anderson Hills Pediatrics.Monica